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Who We Are
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Who We Are
Grenda Computer Consulting LLC is a computer and telecom support company that was created to bridge the gap between the business you need to run, and the technology you need to run it.   Trusted,  personal service is our guiding principle. 

Founder David Grenda has over 30 years of professional experience in the design, development and management of computer information systems. Among his many professional accomplishments he has been featured in BusinessWeek Magazine, is a recipient of the Arizona Governor's Spirit of Excellence Recognition Award, and is active in the Phoenix business community.

Mr. Grenda has taken the GCC concept from its inception to a consulting practice that now serves clients nationwide, including those who are numbered among the Fortune 500, and Inc. 100.  The GCC client base has grown almost exclusively by referral, measuring our success in relationship years.

This success is attributed to the following ideals:
     -A commitment to our client's own vision for their business
    -Using only industry standard tools and practices. Never an approach that only "we" understand.
    -Bringing personal attention and excellent technical skills to every project
    -Making the technology a tool in business solutions, not just the solution in itself      

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If you are a senior level information systems or business process professional and think you have what it takes to be on our team, drop us a line at  recruitment@grenda.com


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