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Why use GCC

We don't think of our customers as clients, we have partners.  Some of our clients have been our partners for over a decade.

At GCC we understand today's business environment. It's competitive and unforgiving. We understand that technology is no longer an extra that puts you ahead of your competition.    It's a necessity that will sink you if it's ignored.

Each of our partner relationships is unique, because every business is unique.  You gain a technology support provider who cares about your business and how you want to run it.

One number, one call and we are there.  Never any sales pressure or techno-speak.  Just plain English and solutions that are money back guaranteed to work.

Our unique business model allows us to keep overhead low and bring on only what expertise is needed to accomplish the task at hand. We can work with you to get the job done and spread the investment over time.

Our solutions are guaranteed to be right or they are free. We are fully insured for professional liability, with 2 million dollars in coverage for each of our clients.

We maintain complete vendor independence and never accept vendor incentives. Our recommendations are based on your best interest.

We really do operate on a base of long term clients.  That says something about our ability to take care of business....your business.


At Grenda Computer Consulting, we've got you covered.






If you are a senior level information systems or business process professional and think you have what it takes to be on our team, drop us a line at  recruitment@grenda.com


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