Why Use GCC
Tech Support
The Cloud

GCC provides expert software management services. Even packaged software systems require maintenance. There are update downloads, patches, network installation issues, upgrades and error messages to be addressed. We can make sure your expensive software system runs at it's best, and we can do it for less than the vendor would.


Using industry standard tools from Microsoft Access to Office 365 Power Apps and Azure, we can design, develop and implement software information systems engineered around the specific needs of an enterprise.  Our software is easy to use, cost effective, and driven with the business solutions end result in mind.

Project Highlights

Our custom software systems can be found in a diverse variety of industries and environments.  Each carefully developed with industry specific expertise.  Let GCC envision a solution that will address your business requirements.

Financial management and control
Inventory control and warehouse management
Home construction and construction process management
Work flow scheduling and management
Hospitality and reservations
Accounts receivable integrated collections
Manufacturing material requirements planning 
Health insurance claims processing
Gov't and social service delivery
Multi-network Communications
Special Olympics Event Tracking 
Project Management and Control
Client/Server Networking
Statistical Analysis and Management
Ice plant management and routing control
Retail POS and inventory control

At Grenda Computer Consulting,  we've got you covered.