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Below you will find our service level policies.  We would be happy to discuss any of these with you.

Successful client relationships require a mutual commitment to the responsibilities of the relationship. These include having the cooperation of personnel, the availability of resources and the timeliness and completeness of information exchange. Our own commitment to this principle is a cornerstone of our success. The nature of IT work necessitates the same of our clients. We provide confidentiality agreements as a standard practice.

More than ever before, a business computing environment requires ongoing maintenance and care. Software updates, security updates, data backup, threat protection etc are necessary parts of IT support. Resolving issues related to neglect of ongoing maintenance is more time consuming and expensive that the maintenance itself. If measured in terms of productivity loss it can be disastrous. Most of our new referral work starts out solving problems of neglect.

With rare exception, it is our policy not to engage in fixed price project work. There are too many complexities, variables and unexpected issues that arise during the normal course of IT work. In addition to straining client relationships, unsuccessful fixed price projects are the primary reason IT support firms go out of business. We are skilled at providing accurate estimates based on years of experience, and work with clients to resolve issues on the way to project success. We do offer level retainer arrangements that balance cost and project effort. 

Clients are invoiced on the first of each month for all work completed in the previous month. For established clients, this often includes equipment and other advance purchases. The ability to deliver this level of service is adversely impacted by late payments. Unless specifically arranged, invoice payments are due upon receipt of invoice. Invoice payments not received within 30 days of billing will result in a suspension of services until paid. A second occurrence of a late payment will result in future work being conducted on a pre-paid retainer basis. We are proud to say our happy partners have never required this policy.